资料传记 (Biography)

Background information (基本信息)

全名: Craig Ashley David (克雷格·艾斯里·大卫)
出生: 1981-05-05
家乡: Southampton, Hampshire, England (英国 汉普郡 南安普顿)
职业: 歌手 / 词曲作家 / 制作人

Early Life (早期生活)

David was born in Holyrood, Southampton, Hampshire, the son of Tina (née Loftus), a retail assistant at Superdrug, and George David, a carpenter. David's father is Grenadian and David's mother is English and related to the founders of the Accurist watch-making company; David's maternal grandfather was an Orthodox Jew and his maternal grandmother a convert to Judaism. David's parents separated when he was eight and he was raised by his mother. He attended Bellemoor School and Southampton City College.

David's father played bass in a reggae band called Ebony Rockers. As a teen, David began accompanying his father to local dance clubs, where DJs let him take the microphone.

大卫出生于英国汉普郡南安普敦霍利鲁德,他的母亲 Tina 是 Superdrug 的销售助理,有着一半犹太血统的白人。他的父亲 George David 是一名来自格林纳达的木匠。双亲在大卫八岁时就离异了,大卫由母亲抚养长大。

大卫的父亲在一个名叫"Ebony Rockers"的雷鬼乐队里担任贝斯手,大卫小的时候就常随父亲进入当地的酒吧俱乐部,并时常登台表演。

Career (音乐生涯)

David's earliest exposure came when he worked on a b-side to British group Damage's cover of "Wonderful Tonight". He then started doing vocals for a few tracks with garage act Artful Dodger.

Wildstar Records first became aware of Craig David when the artist's then manager Paul Widger met the label's co-owner Colin Lester and played some of his music. Lester later told HitQuarters that he was particularly impressed by the first song he heard, "Walking Away", saying "That was an absolute stand out ... It struck me that any seventeen year-old that could write a song like this had huge potential." The Wildstar boss was further won over when, on later visiting the artist's home in Southampton, he found that David's tiny bedroom stacked from floor to ceiling with 12" vinyl records, commenting: "That convinced me he was the real deal and not just some kid acting out the part." At that point Lester offered him a development deal with his label. When Lester later heard the song "7 Days", he said he immediately heard a #1 record and promoted the contract to an album deal the same day.

大卫早年因参与了英国R&B男子组合 DaMage 单曲 "Wonderful Tonight (CD Single)" 中的一首附赠曲目而开始崭露头角 (该单曲盘中第二支单曲"I'm Ready"就是大卫写的)。以后的日子里他为 UK Garage 歌手组合 Artful Dodger 作了一段时间的伴唱和声。Wildstar 唱片的 Paul Widger 是克雷格大卫的经纪人,也是最早发现大卫天赋的人。Paul Widger 向她们的厂牌合作人 Colin Lester 推荐大卫,Colin Lester 又在晚些时候向 HitQuarters 举荐了大卫,Colin Lester 尤其对听到的第一首歌"Walking Away"印象深刻,他惊讶地表示:这首歌一定会火,一个17岁的孩子能创作出如此音乐,真是潜能无限。Wildstar 的老板去拜访大卫的时候被他房间里从地板一直堆到天花板的唱片征服了,他这样描述道:这足以证明音乐对他而言已经深透至灵魂了,他绝不是仅仅把歌唱出来的孩子。于是 Lester 向年轻的克雷格大卫递出了橄榄枝,当 Lester 第一次听到"7 Days"的时候,他情不自禁的称赞到自己听到了一张能登上冠军榜单的专辑,并且就在当天签下了唱片合约。

The song "Re-Rewind", from the Artful Dodger album It's All About the Stragglers, hit Number 2 on the UK charts in 1999; thus, paving the way for a solo career. David's first single, "Fill Me In", released on Colin Lester's and Ian McAndrew's Wildstar Records, made him the youngest solo male artist ever to reach Number 1 in the United Kingdom (he was 18 years old at the time). This was the first of a string of four Top 10 singles from his debut album Born To Do It, which eventually sold more than seven million units worldwide, earning multi-platinum status in more than 20 countries. The song "Key To My Heart", taken from the US version of the album, was also featured on the award-winning Warner Brothers animated film Osmosis Jones.#

歌曲"Re-Rewind"来自于 Artful Dodger 的专辑"It's All About the Stragglers",在1999年登上英国单曲榜第二位,因此大卫的单飞成了顺理成章的事。克雷格大卫的首支单曲"Fill Me In"在 Colin Lester 和 Ian McAndrew 合作的 Wildstar Records 旗下发行,这支单曲让克雷格大卫成为了英国榜单史上最年轻的冠军歌手 (他当时只有18岁)。这还仅仅只是一个开始,后面他的首张专辑"Born To Do It"接连四支曲目都冲上了榜单前十位。这张专辑当年的全球销售超过七百万张,在超过20多个国家达到白金唱片的销量。美国版专辑中的一首单曲"Key To My Heart"还被华纳兄弟的获奖动画电影"Osmosis Jones" (终极细胞战) 收录。

2000–2001: Born to Do It (天生好手)

The success of David's debut, which was written almost entirely by David and Mark Hill of Artful Dodger, led to the United States release of "Fill Me In" in May 2001. It reached Number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. Born to Do It was released in the United States on 17 July 2001, peaking at Number 11 on the Billboard 200 and sold over one million copies. The single "7 Days" hit the Top 10 in the U.S.; although "Walking Away", which had reached Number 3 in the UK and Number 5 in Australia, missed the Top 40 in the U.S. and was the last of his singles to chart there.

In April 2009, MTV viewers voted Born To Do It as Number 2 on their "Greatest Album of All-Time" poll, behind Michael Jackson's Thriller.

大卫的首次成功,来自于在2001年5月发行的单曲"Fill Me In",这首歌大部分都是由大卫本人以及来自 Artful Dodger 乐队成员 Mark Hill 完成的,最好成绩是 Billboard Hot 100 第15位。首张专辑"Born to Do It"于2001年七月在美国上架,百万销量的水准也让其登上了 Billboard 200 的第11位。专辑中的另一首单曲"7 Days"更是冲进了公告牌的前十名;遗憾的是"Walking Away"尽管在英国拿下单曲榜第三,在澳大利亚也拿下了第五,却并未能在美国榜单上进入前40,这也是首张专辑"Born to Do It"中最后一支打榜单曲。

2009年4月,由MTV的观众票选的"Greatest Album of All-Time" (历史上最伟大的音乐专辑),克雷格大卫的这张"Born to Do It"荣登第二位,仅次于 Michael Jackson 的"Thriller"。

2002–2003: Slicker Than Your Average (暗藏玄机)

The follow-up album, Slicker Than Your Average, was released in 2002. The albums' first four singles continued his streak of Top 10 hits in the UK, bringing a total of nine consecutive Top 10 hits until "World Filled with Love" peaked at Number 15 in 2003. None of the six singles released from the album charted in the U.S.. Although "What's Your Flava?" and "Rise & Fall" (duet with Sting) received airplay on the Urban Contemporary and Soft AC formats, they did not make the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Tracks chart or the Adult Contemporary chart. However, "What's Your Flava?" made the Rhythmic Top 40 (Number 32), Top 40 Mainstream (Number 24) and the Top 40 Tracks (Number 37). According to the RIAA Slicker Than Your Average reached Gold Status in the USA.

David also commented that the album title could be looked at in two different ways: "On the one hand, it's coming across like I'm arrogant. On the other hand, it's saying I have a lot more composure on the album." "

大卫的第二张专辑"Slicker Than Your Average"于2002年发行。专辑中的四支打榜单曲继承了上一张专辑的强劲势头,稳居英国单曲榜前十强,连续9周前十名单曲榜上都出现了 Craig David 的名字,直到"World Filled with Love"在2003年仅排到15位,专辑中发行的6首单曲都没有拿到美国打榜。尽管"What's Your Flava?"和"Rise & Fall"在 Urban Contemporary 和 Soft AC formats 都播出过,这两首单曲并未参与 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Tracks chart 和 the Adult Contemporary chart 的榜单竞争。不过,"What's Your Flava?" 曾取得了 the Rhythmic Top 40 的第32位,Top 40 Mainstream 的第24位,以及 Top 40 Tracks 的第37位。据美国唱片工业协会统计,"Slicker Than Your Average"在美国达到了金唱片的销量。

大卫也对自己的这张专辑的命名解释道,专辑名可以有两种理解:"On the one hand, it's coming across like I'm arrogant. On the other hand, it's saying I have a lot more composure on the album. (一方面我认为这绝对是一张叫好卖座的优秀专辑;另一方面,我自己对这张专辑能取得什么样的成绩却很淡定。)

2005–2006: The Story Goes... (音乐进化论)

David later signed on with Warner Music and put together his third album, The Story Goes..., which was released worldwide in August 2005 (excluding the U.S. where it was never released). The first single, "All The Way", returned him to the Top 3. The second single, "Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)", tied with "7 Days" as his longest running single in the charts since "Re-Rewind", spending 15 weeks inside the UK Top 75. The album's third single, "Unbelievable", debuted at Number 18 in March 2006.

大卫签约到了华纳唱片,并于2005年八月在全球同步发行了他的第三张录音室专辑"The Story Goes..." (这张专辑并未在美国发行)。首发单曲"All The Way"给他带来一个第三名的成绩,第二单"Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)"也延续了"7 Days"的佳绩,成为了克雷格大卫上榜时间最长的单曲,当年"Re-Rewind"曾在英国单曲榜前75名中连续上榜15周,专辑的第三单"Unbelievable"于2006年11月18号发行。

2007–2008: Trust Me (相信我)

In 2007, David collaborated with UK rapper Kano on his upcoming album London Town, for the single "This is the Girl". The track was released on 27 August 2007 and debuted at Number 18 on the UK charts.

The first single "Hot Stuff" from his album Trust Me, was released on 5 November 2007 . The single was a top ten hit, whilst the album charted at Number 18 on the UK Albums Chart. "6 of 1 Thing", the second single to be taken from Trust Me, charted at number 39 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming his third-lowest charting single to date.

"Officially Yours" was released on 23 June 2008 and peaked at Number 158 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming his lowest-charting single to date and was the final single from Trust Me.

2007年,大卫和英国说唱歌手 Kano 合作完成了"This is the Girl",这是 Kano 即将发行的专辑"London Town"中的一支单曲,这首歌发行于2007年8月,初次上榜就来到了英国榜的18位。

大卫的专辑"Trust Me"中的首单"Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)"发行于2007年11月5日,这首单曲打进了前十,同时专辑也取得了英国排行榜专辑榜的18名。专辑中的第二支打榜单曲"6 of 1 Thing",仅仅取得英国单曲榜39名的成绩,这也是大卫截至2007年为止打榜成绩倒数第三的单曲。

"Officially Yours"发行于2008年6月23日,最好成绩只上到英国单曲榜的158位,成为克雷格大卫史上成绩最差的一支单曲。

On 7 November, David was recognised for his 'contribution' to the music industry by receiving an honorary degree of Doctor of Music, from Southampton Solent University at a graduation ceremony held at Southampton Guildhall.


2008–2009: Greatest Hits (精选集)

David released his first Greatest Hits album on 24 November 2008. In support of the release, David released two singles to promote the album. "Where's Your Love" featuring Tinchy Stryder and Rita Ora, a homage to his UK garage days, was digitally released on 10 November 2008. The second single, "Insomnia", produced by Jim Beanz from Timbaland productions, a dance track with hard bassline beats, was released the following week on 17 November 2008. Toby Gad and Eimear Crombie provided backup vocals and instrumental stylings.

On 29 December, a new mix of "Insomnia", titled "Up All Night Mix", was made available for digital download.

大卫在2008年11月24日这天发行了他的首张音乐精选集。为了推广这张精选集,其中还特意收录了两支新歌,一首是与 Tinchy Stryder、Rita Ora 合作的"Where's Your Love?",于2008年11月10日以网络下载的形式发行,纪念他们曾经的"UK Garage"美好日子。另外一首则是由来自 Timberland 团队成员 Jim Beanz 制作的"Insomnia",这是2008年11月17日发行的带着强劲低音线节拍的一支舞曲,Toby Gad 和 Eimear Crombie 协助制作和声及配乐。

12月29日,"Insomnia"的全新混音版本"Insomnia (Up All Night Mix)"也以网络下载的方式发行了数字版。

As part of the Greatest Hits compilation, David re-recorded "Walking Away" with four different artists across Europe, Monrose from Germany, Nek from Italy, Lynnsha from France and Alex Ubago from Spain.

作为精选集的一部分,大卫与四位来自欧洲不同国家的歌手重新录制了自己的经典曲目"Walking Away",他们分别是来自德国的女子组合 Monrose,来自意大利的男歌手 Nek,来自法国的女歌手 Lynnsha,以及来自西班牙的男歌手 Alex Ubago。

2009–2010: New label and Signed Sealed Delivered (新厂牌以及新专辑)

On Friday 18 September 2009 fans got the first taste of the new album with an exclusive demo posted on his official website, a thirty second snippet covering Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours".

2009年9月18号星期五,他的歌迷们惊喜地发现大卫的官方网站上率先发布了一首来自新专辑歌曲的30秒试听版: 翻唱 Stevie Wonder 的 "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)"。

On 2 October, David revealed to his fans via Twitter and his website that he had signed a new record deal with Universal.

10月2号,大卫在他的Twitter官方网站上宣布: 自己已经和环球唱片签约

The UK edition of Jay Sean's new album All or Nothing which was released on 30 November 2009 features Craig on a track entitled "Stuck in the Middle".

在 Jay Sean 于当年11月30号的发行的专辑"All or Nothing"中,大卫与 Jay Sean 合作演唱了"Stuck in the Middle"。

The new album Signed Sealed Delivered, finds Craig largely covering and sampling soul hits from the Motown era while giving them his own modern twist. Songs covered include Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"; The Temptations' "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone"; and Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life".

在"Signed Sealed Delivered"这张专辑中,大卫翻唱或取样了了大量曾在 Motown era 时期火及一时的灵魂单曲,并赋予了这些歌曲自己独特的风格。翻唱的歌曲包括:Marvin Gaye 的 "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"; The Temptations 的 "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" 以及 Stevie Wonder 的"For Once in My Life"。

The first single from Craig's fifth studio album Signed Sealed Delivered was "One More Lie (Standing in the Shadows)" and it was released in the UK on 22 March 2010 where it made No.76 with the album following one week later on 29 March 2010, which entered the UK chart at number 13.

签约新厂牌之后,大卫的第五张录音室专辑首单"One More Lie (Standing in the Shadows) "在英国发行并于2010年3月22号登上榜单第76位,接下来的一周专辑登上榜单13位。

On 17 March 2010 Craig will be releasing a Garage compilation album titled 'Rewind Old Skool Classics' mixed with DJ Spoony featuring some of their favourite UK Garage hits from the last ten years.

2010年3月13号大卫计划发行一张和 DJ Spoony 名为"Rewind Old Skool Classics"(回味旧学生时代的经典)的专辑,这张专辑中的歌曲都是两人在过去10年中最喜爱的 UK Garage 风格的热门音乐。

Two weeks later on 31 May 2010, the second single to be taken from Signed Sealed Delivered, titled 'All Alone Tonight (Stop, Look, Listen)' will be released. The chorus of the single samples The Stylistics hit Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) but features completely new verses. In the weeks leading up to the release BBC Radio Two have backed the single by naming it their 'Record of The Week' and adding it to their 'A-List'.

两周后的2010年5月31日,"Signed Sealed Delivered"中的二单"All Alone Tonight (Stop, Look, Listen)"发行。歌曲中的和声采样自 Stylistics hit Stop 的"Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)",但是风格完全不同。接下来的几周,BBC电台把这两首歌作为"Record of The Week"(本周最佳录音)加入他们的"A-List"中。

On 27 August 2010 Swiss DJ Remady is releasing an album titled "No Superstar" on which Craig features on the House/Dance track "Do It On My Own".

8月27号,瑞士 DJ Remady 发行了一张名为"No Superstar"的专辑,大卫在专辑中一首名为"Do It On My Own"的舞曲中献声。


David revealed on Twitter he's worked with producer Jim Beanz on material for his new album. David also tweeted about working with August Rigo and more recently Fraser T Smith.

大卫在Twitter上透露自己正在和制作人 Jim Beanz 商讨新专辑事宜,他还提到自己正在和 August Rigo 及 Fraser T Smith 一起工作。

Whilst doing a show in Russia, David confirmed he has left Universal Records and hopes to release his new album in America as well as the UK.



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